How to disable Talkback on Huawei and Honor phones

How to disable Talkback on Huawei and Honor is a matter of interest to many users. But what is this program and why is it needed? In the article we will study in detail what TalkBack is and how to disable it.

What is Talkback and what is it for?

The presented program is a standard service. Google in the operating system Android. Her job is to voice the user’s actions. It is updated automatically and has many features. Talkback is an accessory and is needed for users who have serious vision problems. The utility is designed to facilitate the use of a smartphone, through the voice of some actions.

Essentially, Talkback is a voice assistant. The program speaks a keystroke or text, notifies you of incoming calls, and can also read all the information from the display (you need to shake your smartphone). If the user holds his finger on a certain letter, the voice assistant will voice it, and then the word itself. Thus, the application allows the visually impaired to use all the functions of the smartphone.

In addition, you can configure gestures, commands and voice control, which will greatly simplify the use of the presented function. Despite the usefulness of Talkback, not all smartphone owners require its use. Sometimes a user may accidentally activate it, which raises the question of disabling the program.

How to disable Talkback function on Huawei and Honor

Accidentally launched the voice guidance function or is the need for use missing? Let’s see how to disable Talkback on Android Honor and Huawei. Initially, you should consider that the instructions for deactivating the service may vary depending on the phone model. The procedure is the same, the only difference is the names of the menu items. Below we will study in detail the existing ways to disable.

how to disable talkback on huawei

Quick shutdown

To exit the mode, just hold down the two volume keys. Hold them until the smartphone vibrates. If you use a phone with an OS Android 4, you will need to hold down the power button. When you feel the vibration, which will serve as a warning device to be disconnected, tap on the screen with two fingers. Hold them until the notification from the voice assistant appears on the display.

The described instructions are suitable if hot keys are not configured in the service settings. You can check and change this item in the options in the “Accessibility” tab. Are you planning to use the voice function in the future? Configure hotkeys:

  1. Go to the desired settings section. how to disable talkback honor
  2. Go to the “Sound Control Buttons”. how to disable talkback on android honor
  3. Drag the slider to the on position.talkback how to disable on Honor
  4. Additionally, you can activate the next item, as indicated in the screenshot. This will turn off or, conversely, activate the function even on a locked display. how to disable pushback on huavei
  5. Next, go to the quick activation section. how to disable talkback function on huawei
  6. Checkmark to disable talkback on honor 10
  7. At the end, click OK. how to disable talkback on android huawei

We clean through the settings

You can disable the option through the parameters as follows:

  • Find the Accessibility to enable talkback on huawei
  • Next, select TalkBack.huawei disable talkback
  • Drag the slider to the off position. disable talkback huawei

You can also remove the option in another way (via the dispatcher):

  • Go to options.
  • Find the apps section. It may be the “Program Manager”. how to turn off talkback on huawei
  • Open the list with all applications.How to remove the talkback function on Honor
  • Find the service you need.
  • Disable it by clicking on the appropriate button.. honor 9 li remove password via talkback
  • Confirm the operation. honor talkback disable how to remove talkback on huawei

When you disable the service, it will disappear from the accessibility tab. In the future, if you need a voice assistant, you will have to go back to the application manager, activate the function and configure the program.

Complete removal (root)

Deleting system functions is impossible without ROOT-right Please note – with insufficient experience it is not recommended to root the phone. Superuser rights will provide full access to the entire system Android and will allow you to remove any system applications, but obtaining these features requires a complex procedure. If you have not previously flashed a smartphone Honor and were not interested in the operation presented, it is better to contact the service center.

How to turn Talkback back on

Re-activate the voice assistant in two ways. The first involves clamping the sound control and holding for several seconds. This method allows you to quickly activate the option..

The second option:

  • Go to options.
  • Find the special section. Of opportunities.
  • Select TalkBack and set the slider to “On”.