How to unlock a Huawei tablet if you forget the pattern and digital password

Users of tablets in working with the gadget often encounter a problem – they do not remember the password or pattern that blocked the gadget. How to unlock the tablet Huawei when faced with this difficulty will help to figure out the article.

how to unlock a tablet Huawei forgot the password

Today, every second puts his gadget under lock protection by means of a graphic or password from numbers. Based on different goals: to protect the device from enemies or to inadvertently not turn on in your pocket and others. Fortunately, all gadgets now have the option to block access..

How to unlock Huawei tablet if you forget the pattern

When you have not used the tablet for a long time and not only for this reason, it happens that you don’t remember which graphic key was used on the device. This can happen to anyone. There are several ways to get rid of this problem..

  1. Restore access to your gadget using email;
  2. Reset tablet to factory settings;
  3. Open access through a computer. To do this, connect the gadget to the computer via USB and unlock the tablet using the command Android Debug Bridge;connect the gadget to the computer via USB and unlock the tablet using the Android Debug Bridge command
  4. Using the specialized Aroma FileManager application;
  5. Reflash smartphone. You can change or update the firmware yourself, but if you doubt your abilities, it is better to contact a service center specialist.

Let’s consider some methods in detail..

Email Recovery

Huawei tablet developers have foreseen the moment that users can forget the previously installed graphic key. All devices offer data binding to some kind of account, like Google, or another, depending on the gadget’s operating system. Therefore, a method for password recovery via email has been developed. Each gadget gives a limited number of attempts to enter the password correctly. By using all attempts, the tablet no longer gives the right to make mistakes, and then you have to either wait for a certain time and re-enter, in the hope that you will remember or guess or not wait, and immediately click on the line “forgot the graphic key”. After clicking, a window will appear in which to enter the email address. A message will be sent to this address with information about a new key or permission to change it.

This option is suitable if the gadget is tied through an account to mail. The most loyal way, without deleting service data and personal information.


It is worth noting that this method perfectly helps to unlock the Huawei tablet if you forget the password, but all the information in the tablet and settings set individually individually will be permanently deleted. To reset the Huawei tablet to the factory settings, do the following:

  • turn off the power to the equipment;
  • hold down the volume and power buttons;
  • after lighting the screen, using the buttons that adjust the sound, select “wipe data / factory reset” and confirm the action with the power button (if the sensor does not work);
  • We expect a complete removal of the settings;
  • after removal, select “reboot system now” – this action will restart the tablet. This process takes a lot of time;
  • after rebooting, configure all the necessary settings for work and get to work with the gadget.

This option, on the contrary, is suitable when the tablet is not tied to a Google account, so this procedure will block it and to work with the device, you will have to unlock it additionally.

Hardware Hart Reset

Hart Reset is a complete hard system cleaning of the operating system, deleting all information and returning to factory settings. All user data is completely deleted: browsing history, phone book and call log, cache and everything else. It is not possible to recover information after cleaning. There are two ways to unlock your Huawei tablet by completing a Hardware Hart Reset..

Method 1

The first way is like a normal factory reset. First you need to disable the gadget. Then hold down the volume and power keys. After turning on the screen, select “wipe data / factory setting” and activate the action by clicking on “Yes-delete all data”. After a long cleaning, restart the tablet by clicking “Reboot”. After the reboot, the gadget will be like from a store.

Method 2

This method consists in the fact that you need to consistently press the buttons in the correct order. Perform actions on a turned off device.

  1. Simultaneously press the volume and power buttons;
  2. After igniting the screen, release the power button, and leave the volume button on;
  3. A green robot will appear on the screen, after that, release the “Volume plus” button part, leave only “Volume minus” pressed;
  4. This should cause a green bar under the robot. If this happens, the procedure is completed..

The above methods of unlocking the screen in such a situation should help to cope with the task. If for some reason you still didn’t succeed, contact a service center for specialist assistance..