What does the eye icon on the Honor Huawei phone mean and how to remove it?

Eye icon on a Huawei phone – what is it? The question interests novice smartphone users of this manufacturer. Usually, all suspicious characters on the screen, whose origin is unknown to us, are alarming. It’s better to immediately understand what it is, where it came from, which means, and, if necessary, remove the new icon on the desktop.

what does the eye icon on the Honor phone mean

What does the eye icon on the Honor phone mean?

At the top of any gadget there are symbols for different icons. Each of them is comparable with a specific functionality..what does the eye icon mean on the phone

Often users do not understand the notification that is displayed. Therefore, one of them will be considered further..

The eye icon on the Honor / Huawei phone is a monitoring function for where the owner’s eye is currently focused. So the device tracks the position and does not extinguish the screen so that you can continue to work with the image. The whole process is due to the sensor in the front camera.eye icon on the phone

The tracking function is configured to automatically scroll through the page when reading. Also, the brightness of the screen is adjusted so that it minimally harms the shell of the eyes of the owner of the smartphone. As soon as you activate the focus mode on a point on the screen, the brightness is automatically adjusted, and an eye image will appear on the top of the panel.

What are the benefits of the option on Honor and Huawei phones?

Such a special mode, provided by the developers of Huawei Honor, allows all users to work with the smartphone. Also, the function allows you to control the actions of the heroes in games without resorting to manual control.

This service is especially appreciated by customers with constantly busy hands. For example, young mothers who feed the baby and at the same time read a book from the device.

A huge advantage of this option is for those who use a smartphone a lot before going to bed. As soon as the sensor does not capture the human eye, the gadget is turned off and the battery does not consume energy.

How to remove eye icon on Huaweihow to remove the eye icon

If the option is not needed or the extra logo on the panel interferes, you should:

  • go to settings;
  • select additional functions;
  • deactivate the option, thereby disabling the eye icon on Huawei.

After that, the symbol disappears from the panel. If this did not happen, reboot device.