What is Huawei TruSleep and how to use it?

Huawei TruSleep – is a special technology for tracking the quality and duration of sleep. In 2019, the feature introduced became indispensable for many users. Let’s consider what advantages the use of this technology provides and why it is needed..

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What is Trusleep?

We will conduct a short review of the function. As mentioned above – Trusleep is a necessary criterion for full control of your sleep. Not all fitness bracelets can support it, in some watch models it is not provided by the manufacturer.

The function monitors the quality of sleep and is able to detect insomnia. She is responsible for determining the stage of sleep, putting forward her suggestions for improving it. If the bracelet is equipped with the presented technology, then the user can easily turn on smart alarm, which tracks the night cycles during rest and chooses the most suitable time for waking up.

How TruSleep Works?

Huawei TruSleep bracelets were tested by DBIOM, which compared the quality of the bracelets with the data determined by the electrocardiogram. When using TruSleep technology, which is designed to calculate heart rate (HR), the photoplethysmogram method and sleep analysis, which is based on heart rate variability, are used.

Photoplethysmogram is a method of calculating heart rate using a photoresistor and an infrared emitter. It is used in optical heart rate monitors, which, among other things, include fitness trackers and smart watches from Huawei. In one night, a TruSleep bracelet will determine the quality of sleep. How does he take measurements? Indeed, as a result, when you wake up, you can get acquainted with all the results in the application, where your breath will be rated.

It was previously noted that the principle of the technology is based on the variability of the pulse. Respiration is closely related to heart rate. With inhalation, the heart rate becomes higher (there is a reduction in the P-P period), and during exhalation, on the contrary, it is lower. Doctors call this property of the heartbeat Sinus (respiratory) arrhythmia. Knowing the duration of the P-P period, it is quite simple to find out the quality of breathing. It also shows the variability of the pulse.huawei trusleep how to enable

Having understood the principle of TruSleep, it is worth recalling the research of the DBIOM center. His instruction was quite simple:

  1. During the study days, participants led a normal lifestyle and wore a fitness bracelet and ECG monitor.
  2. The exact time of falling asleep and lifting the subjects was recorded..
  3. Using a stopwatch, its duration was noted..
  4. The information determined by the two instruments was analyzed and compared..

In addition to the phases of sleep (deep, light, REM-sleep), the following were also taken into account:

  • duration of sleep;
  • time spent on phases;
  • epoch of each phase of sleep (1 epoch = 60 seconds).

In the end, the results obtained were calculated according to a special formula – (TP + TN) / (TP + TN + FP + FN) * 100%.

Trusleep Bracelet Models

Not all versions of fitness bracelets include Truslip technology. Huawei offers the following models on the market that support this feature:

  1. Band 3 and version Pro.
  2. Band 2 pro.
  3. RUD001-251784.01.
  4. TalkBand B5 Active.
  5. TalkBand B5 Classic.
  6. Band 4 and version Pro/Running edition.

How to use Huawei Trusleep

To use the technology, just download a special application and connect it to the purchased fitness bracelet. Use one of the two mobile programs by installing with official market:

  • Huawei Wear;
  • Huawei Health.trusleep

Sync devices using bluetooth and in the application click on the corresponding tab. Convenience lies in the fact that the calculation process is hidden from the user and on the screen he sees only the final result. Presented graphs help compare analysis in normal mode and with TruSleep technology..

What to do if Trusleep does not work?

Sometimes users run into problems. Please note that not all watch models support the technology presented. You may have purchased a bracelet that does not provide a detailed analysis of sleep. Make sure you have this feature. Also, the reason may be hiding in a hardware or system failure. Contact the service center, it may be necessary to replace the component part.